A slight contrast in weather ❄️

I know, I know, it’s taken me absolutely ages to write this. We’ve now been back in London for five weeks but it’s just been so busy. So here it is, my final post of the trip – I hope you enjoy and definitely consider a trip to Canada (after all it’s only 7 hours away).
Toronto is such a lovely city, albeit super cold (it hit -7 degrees on our first day). We really were not prepared for the weather so had to buy hats, scarves and gloves on our trip. We treated Toronto as a city break right at the end of our trip so spent our four days eating, roaming museums and trying to stay warm. Below are a few things which we did and may be helpful for anyone wanting to visit the city. I didn’t take as many pictures as normal mainly because I didn’t want to remove my mittens 😂 but hopefully you get a feel of the city from the pictures below.

St Lawrence Market – located in the Old Town, St Lawrence is the destination for everything produce related. There are so many stalls spread over two floors selling anything from ginger to Toronto hats. Obviously I headed straight to the bakery stall and ordered a chocolate mousse cake. It was delicious and pretty reasonable price wise. Did I need it? No, but it was good. 

Kensington Market – Personally I wouldn’t call this a market. It’s more of a collection of small independent shops selling souvenirs, vintage clothes and lots more. The area is pretty trendy with lots of young people and quirky eateries. We needed up at Big Fat Burrito for lunch where the food was epic. It’s nice when you can get a veggie meal which still tastes epic – and it did. The tacos had two layers of tortilla sandwiched together with cheese – yum. Jack couldn’t finish his burrito 😂.

Gooderham building – Again, in the Old Town, this red brick building is similar to the flat iron building in NYC and has roads running both sides. It’s a really pretty building and deserves a view whilst in the old town. 

Union Station – nothing on Grand Central, but a grand old building with a sign outside which is prefect for pics. 

City Hall – In front of the main building is the “Toronto” sign which lights up at night and is the place for a perfect souvenir picture. If you catch it at the right time, when there is water in the pool in front, then the reflection looks beaut (although the traffic cone ruined my pic 😂).

Royal Ontario Museum – as it was so cold we thought we would try some indoor activities (quite a contrast to the rest of our trip) so hit up the main museum in the city. Entrance was about $15 each, but there is so much to see that you could easily spend a day there. The dinosaur exhibition was the standout part and reminded me of The Natural History Museum in London. We spent most of the time debating whether the animals in the other exhibitions were stuffed or replicas- I’m still not 100% sure. There were some great bits to see but try and avoid school trip times – you’ll know before you enter as there are 10s of the classic yellow school busses lined up outside.

Bats Shoe Museum – not something that was on my radar before we went to Toronto, but it was pretty interesting. There were loads of historic shoes, current shoes and everything in between: although mainly women’s shoes so Jack was a bit upset. We were one of the only groups in the museum so it’s not massively popular but worth it if you have a spare hour or so. 

Eaton Centre – Toronto definitely makes it easy to stay inside. This mall was absolutely huge and had every shop you could ask for along with a very large food hall – that was lunch sorted one day. I picked up some gym gear for really cheap in a sale and were then drawn into Abercombie by the smell (Abercrombie is super cheap in Canada 🙌🏼).

Obviously whilst we were in Toronto, we had to experience Niagara Falls. After doing loads of research, we chose the cheapest option of getting to the falls – Megabus. The busses were at funny times, we didn’t really want to spend the whole day there and we wanted to see the falls lit up at night. So, we decided to get the 4.30pm coach and then the 10pm coach home. The coach took about two hours each way, so although it didn’t give us loads of time there, we were able to see the falls before dark, at night and have time for dinner in between. BTW – the bus garage is a little way out of the town and cost us about $20 in a taxi. 

The falls were spectacular, but don’t expect the classic picture which circulates on Instagram. The water vapour coming off the falls creates a cloud in the middle which isn’t great for visibility, but it’s still amazing. As we were there in their winter, none of the boat trips run but I bet that would be amazing (especially after dark). The town itself is trying to be Vegas with flashy hotels and casinos. We didn’t see much, but I can’t imagine I wouldn’t want to stay there much longer especially as Toronto is such a lovely city. As already mentioned, it was bitterly cold whilst we were in Toronto. The locals were used to it (our airbnb host walking around in just a suit) but for us it was freezing, especially with added rain at the falls. We made an art of taking a pic and then running back inside to warm up 😂.

Some places we tried for food/ drinks (bear in mind we were on a budget at this point, so nothing fancy for us – hence why I now weigh so much more 🙈).

  • The pint house – a cute little pub which showed all the sports so Jack was super happy. 
  • Hero certified burger – a DIY burger joint where they have loads of different toppings that you can add. I tried the veggie patty. I wasn’t sure about having a salmon burger but apparently it’s really good. It’s a chain so I’m sure you would be able to spot one somewhere in the city.
  • Olympic 76 pizza cafe – a hidden gem. The service wasn’t brilliant but it was clearly a family affair. The food was great and super cheap. It was round a backstreet and seemed to be a hit with the locals. 

Love as always xx

P.s. I don’t think I’ll be posting for a while as my life in London isn’t half as interesting as traveling the world, but I’ll keep you updated as a when I have something to say. Thank you so much for being loyal throughout. 


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