Lady of leisure

I finished work over a week ago now, so I thought that it would be a good time to reflect on what I have achieved with all my spare time.

1 – said my goodbyes. This involved eating A LOT of food and getting boozy (see instagram pics) – basically the only way I know how.

2 – working out. Jack has been a hard taskmaster and we have been hitting the gym hard. My friend Holly also joined me to attempt a session at Psycle. It’s a prefect mix of loud music, a pitch black room, a spin bike, weights and having an instructor shouting at you! We both loved it. I went again this morning and will definitely go back when I return (and have some cash as it’s not a cheap way to workout).

3 – I’ve actually packed. Okay, so this is the bit that all you travel bunnies will be most interested in. A few weeks ago, I attempted to squash everything I own into my 60L backpack (with wheels). It’s safe to say that was a mistake. I have since reduced the amount of clothing to 3/4. Before I started thinking about what I was going to take, I read numerous blogs about packing light with 2 or 3 tops for six months – well that just isn’t me! I’ve settled on 7 tops (casual/ smart), 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, a pair of trousers, 5 dresses and a number 🙈 of bikinis. Walking boots also aren’t for me, so I’ve packed a solid pair of trainers. I also couldn’t resist a pair of heels for nights out (that’s what happens when you are just short of 5’1). Packing cubes and cotton bags have been my best friends. I’ve also rolled EVERYTHING!! I’ll give you an update on my wardrobe when we are a few months into the trip. I’m sure I’ll soon regret not taking the advice of my fellow bloggers, but we all have to find our own feet out there.

4 – finalised our itinerary, so here goes; Dubai, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA (LA,Vegas, San Fran) and Toronto.

London you’ve been amazing, but it’s time to take the leap and explore down under! I

I won’t bore you anymore with my time at home- next post will be about Dubai (with some pics).



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